Diagnose, Treat and Cure Your Training Department
The Process
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Before either book was written, there was a process.  It was called a training
audit, and no one ever understood what I was talking about.  So I wrote it down
in my first book - The Training Physical.

The book now serves as an introductory communication for my clients so they
can understand what we could be looking at when I conduct an audit.  Before I
show up in your office we have decided what you want to evaluate, and to what
detail.  We come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget.

The process normally consists of:

  • Pre Visit Questionnaire
  • Site Visit with Interviews and Observations (1-5 days)
  • Site Visit Debrief with Client
  • Written Findings Report and Prioritized Recommendations
  • Conference Call Debrief of Findings

After the Training Physical is complete, I often found that there were numerous
projects that sprang up and more information was required to implement solid
training solutions.  I also found that unless I was partnering with the client to
implement these solutions that they were struggling.

So I wrote "
Pointless Training: The Consequences of Inadequate Training
as a guidebook that discusses each of the large topic areas that a
corporate training function would be focusing on at any given time.  I want my
readers to select strategies that produce results and avoid pointless processes.

These two books are honestly not as good as hiring me to work with your team,
but someday they will be the only resource available.  Call them my legacy to
the learning profession and my desire to create trainers with a "trainer's heart."