Diagnose, Treat and Cure Your Training Department
The Author
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In late 1990, Jim Hopkins transitioned from a retail
banking career into the world of learning
development. Beginning as a facilitator, he latched
onto his newfound profession as work he had been
seeking for a long time. “Nothing is as rewarding as
watching the eyes lighting up when someone
learns” is one of the many attributes Jim believes is
part of a trainer’s heart.

As this profession seemed a part of Jim’s natural
DNA, it made perfect sense to learn instructional
design, performance consulting, and organizational
development. Using a previous management
background, he was able to lead teams of
facilitators, designers, and other consultants
before accepting a role as a training director and
then chief learning officer.

In 2005, Jim launched a new chapter as an
independent training consultant, and in 2010, he
published his first book about a process he
designed called a Training Physical. Since then, it
has been his mission to help diagnose, treat, and
cure training functions. He has built and repaired
training departments in many different industries,
putting companies on a path where training is
returning on the investment being made.

Jim has been a judge for the past three years for
the CLO Media Learning Elite Awards and is a
sought-after expert in the learning development
field. He is always looking for new challenges and
serious business connections. He invites you to
connect with him if you have a question or an issue
you think he can help you with.

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