Diagnose, Treat and Cure Your Training Department
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While this book seeks to outline an overall approach to the health of
your organization, it cannot tell you everything you need to know about
the health of your organization.  We do need to think of and look at our
organization as a living organism.  All organizations have a mind,
body, and a spirit and when any part becomes diseased it spreads to
all parts and can cause eventual death.  

In business terms, that means the different parts can become
diseased and quit functioning, impacting the profitability of the
organization.   Depending on the origination of the disease, the
symptoms, the recommended treatment, the prognosis can save the
organization and return it to being healthy.
Self-diagnosing or self-medicating is dangerous, as it is with our own health.  It takes a
specialist who is trained and experienced to facilitate the design and delivery of the exam, the
audit.  In most circumstances the specialist, is supported by a team of experts with different
areas of expertise to maximize the fact that all the human systems are open and functioning to
their full capacity for the overall health of the organization.  This approach avoids blind spots
and other dangers associated with trying from the inside to audit the organization and the
multiple systems that need examination.

In the chapters that are included in this book, leaders and managers are introduced to a wide
range of approaches and methods for initiating and maintaining the health of the
organization.  Attention is directed to minimum level of performance of any department within
the organization and any of the external events or vendors that can impact the health of the
patient at any time any place.

You are urged to confront personal biases and prejudices that may compromise the audit of
the patient and the different departments that are representative of the mind, body, and spirit of
the organization.  The guiding principles are the mission, vision, goals of the organization to
meet the needs of delivery of the product or service to the external customer.   There needs to
be an understanding of the internal customer relationships while conducting the audit.
- Toni Johnson
As an HR employee by day, I think that more attention needs
to be paid to training employees. On a team where I used to
work there were many inconsistencies with how each
employee was doing the job.

There weren't set procedure or guidelines to follow, and as
such, everyone did their job a bit differently. I think it's
important to re-evaluate the training programs that are in place
each year, just like getting a physical each year.

This book has some great points!
- Melinda Joy
The annual physical is a key to long term health. "The Training Physical:
Diagnose, Treat, and Cure Your Training Department" delves into maintaining
one's business training department, where many of a corporations problems can
happen before they start.

Using the metaphor of the medical physical, James Hopkins gives readers a
good deal of advice for the process.

"The Training Physical" is a solid tool for businesses!